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Expert-guided Implementation

Enabling Great Innovations

What is an EGI?

Expert-guided implementation (EGI), powered by SAP Enterprise Support Academy, is a multi-day remote session where participants learn how to complete a defined activity with experienced SAP service engineers. The sessions are two-fold. During the first 1-2 hours, an SAP expert explains the execution of the target activity step-by-step. Participants then execute the demonstrated steps within their own SAP environment, and if necessary, receive direct guidance and support from the SAP expert.

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Portfolio Overview

Your Benefits

Receive guidance for execution

SAP expert supports you in the execution phase of your project to ensure optimal realization of benefits.

Fast execution, less investment of time

Methodology shortens learning and execution time.

Work in your real system environment

Direct execution within your SAP environment

Access to broadly based expert knowledge

Direct access for individual dialogs with SAP experts