Learning Content

SAP Enterprise Support Academy offers learning content and services in several formats, supporting different learning styles and needs, from ad hoc problem solving to structured, long-term knowledge acquisition.


Expert-guided Implementation (EGI)

Workshop-style, multi-day remote sessions with experienced SAP service engineers,enabling participants to customize and execute complex activities in their own system landscape (for example, commissioning the service desk, or setting up test management in SAP Solution Manager). 

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Meet-the-Expert Session (MTE)

Live webinars focusing on SAP Enterprise Support services, SAP Solution Manager, and the support aspects of the latest SAP technologies. Recorded sessions are available in the replay library for self-paced consumption.

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Accelerated Innovation Enablement (AIE)

Live sessions with SAP solution architects to evaluate the innovation capabilities of the latest SAP enhancement packages for SAP Business Suite software and how they may be deployed for your business process requirements. 

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Outcome-centric material prepared with a guided structure for actionable quick wins as you work your way through the learning content. 

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SAP solution-related information bundled together to support you, as you continue ongoing innovation with SAP.

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Best Practice

Library of how-to guides for typical operations-related tasks for products, databases, and operating systems (for example, checklists for performing a backup).

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Tutorial / Video

A Tutorial provides step by step instructions, demonstrations, and interactive elements that teach learners how to complete tasks or processes using a software product.

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Continuous Quality Check & Improvement Services (CQC)

Continuous quality checks and the SAP improvement services connect you with SAP experts who analyze your system and/or situation based on real life data from your systems and/or solution.

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