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Requirements Management

Our add-on extends the SAP Solution Manager standard with new features for professional requirements management

SAP introduces business and IT requirements with SAP Solution Manager 7.2. It enables you to analyze, document, and trace requirements throughout a project. You can find more information about the standard functionality in SAP Help Portal.

If you need to handle many requirements in a professional way, you need additional features. For example mass update, Excel import, Word export, a reporting dashboard or an effort estimation. With our add-on, we deliver all these functions and much more. We take requirements management to the next level.

You'll find more information in the customer presentation. If you need additional information or a live demo, contact us at

Requirements Management Add-On

The requirements management add-on requires SAP Solution Manager 7.2, SP10 or higher.

Mass Update
You can perform a mass update (bulk change) for status and priority. It works for Business requirements as well as IT requirements and can save you a lot of tedious work.

Reporting Cockpit
The Reporting Cockpit is an easy-to-use solution for running real-time requirements management analytics on SAP Solution Manager 7.2. It brings also a huge performance increase compared to standard BW reporting.

Excel Import
You can import MS Excel files with business requirements and takeover several attributes (short description, priority, long description, partner functions). That's perfect if you have existing requirements in another tool or if the requester has no access to SAP Solution Manager.

Related Requirements
With this feature it is possible to create relations between Business requirements. That gives you the complete traceability and navigation between related requirements.

Effort Estimation
Estimations of effort can be easily recorded per activity type in an additional assignment block. It is also possible to define cost rates and gives you a direct overview about planned and actual efforts.

That are only some features of our requirements management add-on. For a detailed description, please have a look at our customer presentation.