SAP Support Backbone Update Checklists

Support-Package specific checklists to ensure connectivity of SAP Solution Manager to the SAP Support Backbone

The following Checklists provide instructions (by support package of SAP Solution Manager 7.2) on what you have to do to establish connectivity to SAP's updated support backbone infrastructure. The Checklists are the lead  documents regarding continuing connectivity to SAP's updated support backbone.

Please note: SP08 and SP09 are the recommended support packages to ensure full connectivity. This is especially important if you are using incident forwarding to SAP in the ITSM scenario.

The Checklists in the tables below apply to SAP Solution Manager systems only. Analogous guidance for managed systems and Focused Run for SAP Solution Manager can be found in the Support Backbone Update Guide

Find all information about the support backbone update on the central landing page and on the SAP Solution Manager landing page.


Support Package Level HTML PDF
SP05 Checklist link link
SP06 Checklist link link
SP07 Checklist link link
SP08 Checklist link link
SP09 Checklist link link

Checklists for SAP Solution Manager Multi-Customer Scenario (PartnerEdge Sell Partners / VAR, CCOE, CCC)

Support Package Level HTML PDF
SP08 Checklist for multi-customer scenario (VAR, CCC, CCOE) link link
SP09 Checklist for multi-customer scenario (VAR, CCC, CCOE) link link