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Alert Inbox

The Alert Inbox provides a central view on all alerts which have been generated by the different Technical Monitoring scenarios on SAP Solution Manager. The generated alerts can directly be handled in the Alert Inbox or forwarded to other channels like incidents, email, SMS or even 3rd party applications.


  • Central access point to handle all types of alerts from the different scenarios provided by the Technical Monitoring work center
  • Provides various personalization options to adjust the look-and-feel for each user
  • Efficient alert handling by grouping based on consolidation of single alerts to alert groups
  • Integrates the most common alert handling mechanism like status tracking, integration into Service Desk as well as notification via email or SMS
  • Alert reactions can be extended by 3rd party or customer Alert Consumer BAdI Interface
  • Drill down capabilities from alert overview over alert groups to single metrics and events


  • Avoid alert flooding by using propagation and correlation capabilities
  • Integration of analysis capabilities like problem analysis and Root Cause Analysis
  • One central tool to handle all alerts from different monitoring use cases


Here you can check and navigate to all the alerts generated. There are also specific tab for each use case as Self monitoring, PI Monitoring alerts, etc. It is possible to confirm the alerts, so it will not appear here anymore. Then to find this alert after confirming it, you will need to navigate to "Alert Search" tile on the Solution Manager Launchpad. Drilling down by the parameters given will let you find the alert. Also confirmed alerts appear here.