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SAP Cloud Connector


Following prerequisites are required:

  • SAP Solution Manager 7.20 SP06
  • SAP Cloud Connector 2.10.1 (better 2.11)
  • SAP Host Agent (SAP Host Agent version >= 7.21 PL 29)


  • Install SAP Host Agent
  • Install Diagnostics Agent and register with SAP Solution Manager
  • Configure Diagnostics Agent to execute Outside Diagnostics via SAP Host Agent

It is necessary to enable Outside Discovery to be performed by the SAP Host Agent instead of being performed by the Diagnostics agent. To achieve this, you need to enable the corresponding parameters from SAP Note 2556432 in the configuration of the Diagnostics agents to be assigned to  the SAP Cloud Connector systems.

  • Register SAP Cloud Connector with LMDB

The steps differ slightly between SAP Cloud Connector 2.10 and 2.11 in the following the description follows the process for 2.10, for 2.11 you will find the respective screen under Configuration/Reporting instead of Monitoring.


  1. Log on to SAP Cloud Connector System as administrative user
  2. Verify that at least one connection is set up to SAP Cloud Platform
  3. Navigate to Monitor Settings
  4. Activate Data Supplier: Press the button “Solution Management”. 
    • Expected Output is an information popup stating that the Registration file was generated.
  5. From Log And Trace File section, check in Logs if the registration was successful


Expected Log result:

2018-01-17 07:50:17,317 #Execute C:\\Program Files\\SAP\\hostctrl\\exe\\saphostctrl.exe -function ConfigureOutsideDiscoveryPath -register C:\\SAP\\scc20\\lmdbModel.xml finished with rc 0 output [********************************************************* CreationClassName , string , ConfigureOutsideDiscoveryResult Configuration , string , C:\\Users\\sapadm\\Downloads\\\\lmdbModel.xml Configuration , string , C:\\SAP\\scc20\\lmdbModel.xml Status , string , OK ]|

Perform Managed System Configuration

After the next run of the Outside Discovery triggered by the Diagnostics Agent you should see a System of type "SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Connector" in the LMDB.

This process can be accelerated if after the registration is done the Diagnostics Agent is restarted.

In LMDB you can now set the EXTENDED SID of the SAP Cloud Connector system. 

Note: If you have a master/shadow setup then you will receive two independent technical systems in LMDB. This is a result of the System being defined as a loosely coupled cluster in the LMDB model.

Follow the guided procedure for setting up the SAP Cloud Connector system.

Perform System Monitoring Setup

The setup for System monitoring follows the same Guided procedure as for other system types.

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