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End-to-End Workload Analysis

The End-to-End Workload Analysis in SAP Solution Manager helps you to get workload information of your complete system landscape to analyze overall performance bottlenecks in your solution. There are different monitors and analysis tools that provide you with key performance indicators for the different components. Most commonly, an initial check of overall workload is done to check the overall workload.

Therefore, the workload overview screen summarizes the most important performance KPI's independent of the technology the system is based on (see the below figure).

Figure: Workload Analysis Overview

In addition to the overview, there are different view types available which display the data in different ways.

From here you can do the drill down to product specific KPI's. In the following diagram, you see an example of the structuring for an ABAP based system.

Figure: ABAP Workload Summary

By utilizing this drilldown, you can find what is causing the general performance bottleneck and start follow up activities. It is also possible with standard BW functionality to further drill down in the detailed metric views by right clicking on a column and choosing from the list of available drill-down options.