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Message Flow Monitoring

Message Flow Monitoring adds value to the already established Process Integration Monitoring. While PI Monitoring focuses on the technical monitoring of involved PI components, the Message Flow Monitoring provides a way to investigate and trace dedicated flows through the PI landscape on the level of single message instances. Besides company internal message flows, flows between business partners can also be monitored on a high resolution level, using technical and functional acknowledgements.

Message Flow Monitoring is aimed in particular at business power users. Although he requires the PI domain as a transport medium for his application, his endeavor is not to lose sight of what is essential in the inevitable complexity of PI: My order arrived!


The following table lists the features of the message flow monitoring depending on the SAP NetWeaver PI release:

SAP NetWeaver PI

SAP Solution Manager 7.2

SAP NetWeaver PI 7.31 SP7 (or 7.40 SP2)

  • New SAPUI5 based UI

  • Support of SAPUI5 Shell Personalization Features

  • Flow Track
  • Payload search
  • Related Instances
  • Message Flow Alerting (Monitoring and Alerting Infrastructure)         
  • Message Flow Reporting
  • Graphical visualization
  • Personalized searches
  • Acknowledgements
  • Self-Monitoring
  • Flow Groups via PI Configuration Scenarios
  • New Fiori based Mobile application                                     

SAP NetWeaver PI 7.31 SP8 (or 7.40 SP3)

  • Enhancements in Integration Visibility Component's auto discovery

SAP NetWeaver PI 7.31 SP9 (or 7.40 SP4)



SAP NetWeaver PI 7.31 SP10 (or 7.40 SP5)

  •  Compound Flows

SAP NetWeaver PI 7.31 SP11 (or 7.40 SP6)

  • Integration Visibility Component Diagnostics

SAP NetWeaver PI 7.31 SP12 (or 7.40 SP7)

  • BPM Processes
  • Generic Receiver Determination (via Rules)
  • B2B EDI Attributes based search

SAP NetWeaver PI 7.31 SP13 (or 7.40 SP8)

  • Generic Receiver Determination (without Sender Agreement via Rules)

SAP NetWeaver PI 7.31 SP14 (or 7.40 SP9)

and higher

  •  Support of sync messages (ICOs only)

SAP Notes, Troubleshooting, and FAQ

The below table provides the central notes related to SAP Message Flow Monitoring for all releases of SAP Solution Manager 7.2.

SAP Note Number

SAP Note Description


Message Flow Monitoring - Solution Manager 72 SP03



Message Flow Monitoring - Solution Manager 72 SP05  

Message Flow Monitoring - Solution Manager 72 SP04


For further information on SAP Notes and troubleshooting guides, please see SAP Note 2625147 and check the FAQ document.


To allow users to check specific messages or the monitoring team to optimize message flows or detect errors, you need to set up message flow scenarios. The below configuration steps help you achieving this. 


Setup in SAP Process Integration

Action Item 1: Setup Integration Visibility

Navigate to Integration Visibility Help Portal and choose Configuration. Follow the steps to configure Integration Visibility:

  • Connecting to SLD
  • Connecting to PI Domains
  • Connecting to Backend Systems

Action Item 2: Run the Discovery to collect Flow Model data

Navigate to Integration Visibility Help Portal and choose Discovery. Follow the steps to discover Process Integration flow through Integration Visibility.

  • Discovering the Integration Visibility
  • Viewing Flows
  • Subscribing to Message Flows

Setup in SAP Solution Manager

Action Item 3: Managed System setup

Navigate to Managed System Configuration step in Solution Manager Configuration and execute the setup activities.

Entry Point: Solution Manager Work Center (Transaction Code: SOLMAN_SETUP) → Solution Manager: Configuration → Managed System Configuration

Action Item 4: Message Flow Monitoring setup

Navigate to Message Flow Monitoring step in Solution Manager configuration and execute the setup activities. 

Entry Point: Solution Manager Work Center (Transaction Code: SOLMAN_SETUP) → Solution Manager: Configuration → Application Operations-> Integration Monitoring -> Message Flow