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Template Maintenance for ICMon

In some cases might need different settings for the metrics and alerts shipped with the SAP standard templates. For example if you have to set up over 100 IDoc interfaces and you don't want to go through every single of these interfaces to adjust the metric thresholds or the alert notification settings. In this case it could make sense to create a custom template and adjust the necessary settings before performing the interface monitoring setup.

The template maintenance for interface channel templates is available as of SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP 14.

Modification of template settings strongly influence the functionality of the ICMon application. Therefore, it is only allowed to adjust metric name, alert name, metric thresholds, alert notification settings and e.g. metric/alert description. Please do not touch Technical names or Data Provider Settings!

Copy Standard Template

The first step is to copy the SAP standard template that contains the metrics or alerts that you want to change. To see all available SAP standard templates for Interface and Connection Monitoring please open the URL: http(s)://<solman-host>:<solman-port>/sap/bc/webdynpro/sap/wda_config_wizard?SCENARIO_TYPE=IC_MON&sap-language=EN

Select the template you want to change and click the "Edit" button.

Click the "Create Custom Template" button.

Enter a name for you template and save. Please note that as with the System Monitoring templates the Solution Manager client has to be open to save template changes.

Change Custom Template

Switch to the metric or alert that you want to change and click the "Change Settings" Button.

Make your changes and save. You will notice that the metric or alert is now marked as "Modified". Please note that a content update of the monitoring content will not overwrite your changes.

Select Custom Template in ICMon Setup

Now you have to select the custom template in the Interface and Channel Monitoring setup during the channel creation.

The rest of the configuration is done in the same way as for the standard channel, depending on the channel type. Please refer to the setup guides for your release for more information.