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Guided Procedure Catalog

The Guided Procedure Catalog (formerly known as the Guided Procedure Browser) is the main application provided by SAP within the Guided Procedures context area to access and to administer your Guided Procedure usage in your SAP Solution Manager environment.

Guided Procedures Catalog application

Where is it Found?

  1. You find and access the Guided Procedures Catalog in the Fiori Launchpad in the Guided Procedure application area and in the Technical Administration Work Center.
  2. You can access the application with the transaction GPA_ADMIN directly from a SAP Logon session.
  3. There are links in different SAP Solution Manager areas to start the Guided Procedure Catalog with a predefined content filter of the calling application area.

The areas are:

  • Exception Management
  • Cross-Database Comparison
  • Business Process Monitoring
  • System and Application Monitoring
  • In the details view of the unified Alert Inbox in all Monitoring areas

How is it Used?

In Guided Procedure Catalog you can search and list up complete guided procedures, procedure steps or activities following your defined filtering by:

  • System Scope - Filter for specific System or Host scope related procedures
  • Type - Application Area, Guided Procedure, Step or Activity
    Note: The Application Area, Step and Activity type filters will only list the selection for review without the possibility to administer a procedure, step or activity of the selection.
  • Application Area - By <ALL> or a specific application area such as Technical Administration or System Monitoring
  • Technical Search - With attributes by ID, Name and/or Description of guided procedures
  • Free Text Search - In the table view area of the application

Starting the Guided Procedure Catalog with the default filter (= System Scope set to SAP Solution Manager ABAP system, Type set to Guided Procedure, Application Area set to <ALL>) will list all SAP predefined (delivered via the ST-CONT200 package) guided procedures and all custom created guided procedures and will let you administer the selection.

Within the application you can:

  • execute a new instance or proceed with an already existing instance of a selected guided procedure with the Guided Procedures Runtime application.
  • create a new guided procedure with the Guided Procedure Authoring application as a copy or reference of an existing guided procedure or a newly defined guided procedure.
  • edit a selected custom guided procedure with the Guided Procedure Authoring application. Guided procedures defined and delivered by SAP are not editable!
  • delete a selected guided procedure.
  • display a selected guided procedure with the Guided Procedure Authoring application. If you have the sufficient authorization you can switch to the Edit mode while displaying the guided procedure.
  • execution logs of the selected guided procedure or of an instance of the selected guided procedure can be displayed or deleted with the Guided Procedures Executions Logs application.
  • mass transport a selection of guided procedures to another system by creating and checking a transport.
  • export to XML (in Expert Mode only) a selected guided procedure sp you can edit the procedure as XML content.
  • create a plan for a selected guided procedure to schedule a single or recurring guided procedure manual execution by a registered worker (recipient) or fully automated execution in simple or expert mode with Guided Procedures Planning Management.
  • display all plans of planned guided procedure execution.