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Synthetic User Monitoring - Self Monitoring Application

The SUM Self Monitoring application is intended to give some insight on the SUM internal situation.

It proposed six sections:

  • Alerting: to see the SUM Alert Definitions and execute dry-runs based on the real monitoring data
  • Locking: to see the current active locks and potentially force the unlock.
  • Partitioning: to see the SUM metrics partitions state - this is involved in the data housekeeping
  • Robots Administration: to see the status of the SUM monitoring locations like: the actually deployed scripts (scenarios), the queues state, ...
  • Application Logs: to have an overview of the SUM related entries in SLG1
  • Job Scheduler: to see the SUM related jobs and their state.

How to Access the SUM Self Monitoring Application

  1. Open the SUM Monitoring application
  2. Click the Links button ( icon at the bottom left-hand side)
  3. Choose Synthetic User Monitoring Self Monitoring