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Log Deletion and Archiving

Log Deletion

Log Message Housekeeping


This procedure is applicable for SAP Focused Run 2.0 SP00 and higher.

It describes how to perform or schedule housekeeping for log messages generated by the following SAP Focused Run components:

Component Messages

Scenario ID for Report SISE_LOG_DELETE

Simple System Integration SISE Log Messages for Technical System Configuration MNGD_SYS_SRSM
Agent Administration SISE Log Messages for Host Configuration MNGD_HOST_SRSM
License Management SISE Log Messages for License Management LICENSE_MAINTENANCE

To perform housekeeping on all the log entries for a specific scenario, the report SISE_LOG_DELETE can be used.


Report Parameters

SE38 Report SISE_LOG_DELETE accepts following parameters:

  • Scenario ID: Enter a scenario ID from the above table. You can use the F4 Help functionality to find the possible values.
  • Delete Logs older than (days): Specify the retention period. Value 200 means that all logs older than 200 days will be deleted, measured from the moment of report or job execution.
    • We suggest that you delete log messages older than 200 days, or that you follow your company internal guidance on log message deletion.
  • Processing Mode:
    • Production Mode; will delete the logs
    • Test Mode; will not delete the logs, but will count the number of logs that would be deleted in production mode

Manual Execution

  1. Start transaction SA38
  2. Run report SISE_LOG_DELETE
  3. Enter the report parameters
  4. Execute the report

Create Report Variant

For regular housekeeping, the report should be scheduled as a batch job.

Create one or more program variants in transaction SE38, as documented here.

  • Start transaction SE38
  • Select report SISE_LOG_DELETE
  • At Sub-objects select Variants
  • Press Change

On the next screen:

  • Type the name for the Variant (here HOSTLOGS_60DAY)
  • Press Create

The Edit Variants screen is opened.

Specify the 3 parameters based on the guidance given before.

Press Back (F3)

On the pop-up Save values? select Yes

Enter Description

Press Save

Schedule Batch Job

Once variants are created the report can be scheduled for batch execution via transaction SM36.

On the first screen, name the new job and choose the execution parameters by selecting Start condition.

A weekly execution is recommended.

Select Step, to specify the Name and the Variant of the ABAP program that must be executed.

In the ABAP program section set the Name to SISE_LOG_DELETE and select one of the previously created variants (e.g. HOSTLOGS_60DAY).

Save your changes to schedule the housekeeping report for execution.

Log Archiving

This procedure applies to SAP Focused Run versions < 2.0 SP00.

Simple System Integration is the central point to configure the managed systems in the landscape. All activities performed via Configure Manually or Configure Automatically are logged in a specific log store (SISE Log).

In the Agent Administration UI, the activities performed via Configure Manually, Install/Update Agent and Configure Agent are also logged into that specific log store.

In order to enable the log archiving for the Simple System Integration related procedures, follow the instructions which you can access via transaction SE61, using parameters:

  • Document Class = TX | General text

Press Display.

For archiving the logs related to the configuration of hosts use scenario ID MNGD_HOST_SRSM.

For archiving the logs related to the configuration of technical systems use scenario ID MNGD_SYS_SRSM.

In case of absence of other requirements, we recommend archiving logs older than 100 days.

Otherwise, configure the archiving per the known requirements.