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Simple Diagnostics Agent - Advanced Configuration

Advanced SDA Configuration Properties

PropertyPurposeDefaultFile to Configure
servlet-max-pendingConfiguration property determining the maximal number of pending request executions.5.\SMDAgent\default\configuration\agent\<SID>\
servlet-time-outConfiguration property determining the time limit for request executions, in seconds.60.\SMDAgent\default\configuration\agent\<SID>\
max-hanging-threadsThe value dictates the maximal allowed number of timed -out tasks.25.\SMDAgent\default\configuration\agent\<SID>\
jco.client.pool.max.connectionsMaximum number of active connections that can be created for a destination simultaneously (jco.destination.peak_limit)10 .\SMDAgent\default\configuration\global.configuration\<SID>\
jco.client.default.languageLogon languageEN .\SMDAgent\default\configuration\global.configuration\<SID>\
 jco.client.trace Enable/disable destination related RFC trace (0 or 1) 0.\SMDAgent\default\configuration\global.configuration\<SID>\
 jco.destination.pool_capacity   Maximum number of idle connections kept open by the destination. A value of 0 has the effect that there is no connection pooling, i.e. connections will be closed after each request. Connections are only created if needed..\SMDAgent\default\configuration\global.configuration\<SID>\
 jco.destination.expiration_time       Time in ms after that the connections hold by the internal pool can be closed


(= 60 seconds)

 jco.destination.expiration_check_periodInterval in ms with which the timeout checker thread checks the connections in the pool for expiration 


(= 60 seconds) 

jco.destination.max_get_client_time Max time in ms to wait for a connection, if the max allowed number of connections is allocated by the application


(= 30 seconds)

jco.trace_levelSets the trace level for JCo (Global, for all destinations) 4 .\SMDAgent\default\configuration\global.configuration\#\
jco.session_timeoutThe idle timeout for JCo session contexts in minutes. (Global, for all destinations) 10 .\SMDAgent\default\configuration\global.configuration\#\
jco.cpic_maxconv The maximum number of connections allowed by the CPIC layer. (Default: runtime environment dependent, min. 202)1000 .\SMDAgent\default\configuration\global.configuration\#\
jrfc.client_connect_timeoutThe timeout for a logon or a ping attempt in seconds. (Default: 60, valid range is 1 [one second] to 3600 [one hour]) (Global, for all destinations)  60 .\SMDAgent\default\configuration\global.configuration\#\
jrfc.traceIf set to 1, RFC trace is turned on for all connections within JCo. (Global, for all destinations) 0 .\SMDAgent\default\configuration\global.configuration\#\
cpic.traceThe trace level for the CPIC layer. The valid value range is from 0 (trace is off) to 3 (most verbose trace) (Default: 0) (Global, for all destinations) 0  .\SMDAgent\default\configuration\global.configuration\#\
dpc.timeout.enabledThe key for determining if the DPC connect and read timeout should be set in relation to the used push period



Extend File System Browser Default Whitelists

Per default, it is allowed to download and preview specific file types.

If you want to extend the white list of file type, you should follow the instructions described in SAP Note 2603369.

If you want to extend the white list of directories you should follow the instructions as described in SAP Note 2632477.