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SAP Advanced Analytics Rest API

The SAP Focused Run AAI REST interface (available since SAP Focused Run 3.0 FP01) provides external access to the ALM Grafana Plugin (or generic third party analytic tools) for most of the SAP Focused Run metrics.

The service is not enabled during the configuration of the "SAP Focused Run Application Foundation" task list, therefore it should be explicitly activated to be used. 

As for any ICF service, it is recommended to activate it only in case it's needed for a specific purpose.


You activate the AAI REST ICF service as follows:

  1. Execute transaction SICF.
  2. Search for the "DP" text in the "Service Name" field and click on the "Execute" button.
  3. Select the "DP" ICF service in the ICF tree.
  4. Activate the ICF service in one of the following ways:
  5. Using menu option Service/Host  →  Activate
  6. Using the context menu and choosing Activate Service.



The general authorization concept described in the Expert Portal (Dashboard Authorizations) applies to the technical user (e.g. Communications Data) that can  be used to access the DP ICF service.

Assign roles according to the least privilege principle, that is, define and assign only those roles that are explicitly needed, and nothing else.

Required roles are SAP_FRN_FI_ADMIN and any display role mentioned in the "Dialog User Roles with Application Authorization" section of the SAP Focused Run Security Guide, depending on the Data Provider/use case used in the queries.

A dedicated role (e.g. SAP_FRN_CNW_ACCESS) must be also used to enable and restrict access to specific customer namespaces.


While basic authentication is a possible option, it is recommended to use Client Certificate based authentication to consume the /sap/frun/fi/dp REST service.

Refer to this page for additional details: Using X.509 Client Certificates on the AS ABAP

API Reference

/sap/frun/fi/dp/providers (GET)

Returns the list of available data providers in the FRUN System (DP_SUM, DP_RUM, etc.) 



/sap/frun/fi/dp/providers/data (POST with body payload)

Returns multiple datasets matching different queries accessing Focused Run data providers for a selected period.

The body of the request (required) contains the description of the requested format and the queries attributes.



Request body example: 


/sap/frun/fi/dp/providers/filters (POST with body payload)

Returns the list of filters of a given data provider.



Request body example:



For additional examples, refer to the blog "SAP ALM Analytics: How to use the SAP Focused RUN REST Advanced Analytics API"