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Real User Monitoring - SAP HANA Native Storage Extension (NSE)

SAP HANA Native Storage Extension (NSE) lets you manage less-frequently accessed data without fully loading it into memory.

For more details regarding SAP HANA Native Storage Extension see

Starting with SAP Focused Run 4.0 you can use NSE for the tables of Real User Monitoring.


Setup of NSE for Real User Monitoring can be done with report /RUM/SETUP by clicking on  ENABLE NSE .


The Real User Monitoring tables are then prepared with the next two housekeeping executions. In case you do not want to wait for these executions the report /RUM/HOUSEKEEPING can be executed with the Default variant.

You can define in the Real User Monitoring configuration for how many days you want to keep the Real User Monitoring data in memory and when data is retrieved from buffer cache.


Depending on your needs it is not recommended to set this value too small. If you have for example created some dashboards displaying Real User Monitoring data for the last 8 weeks you should not set the value lower than 56 days (8 weeks).

With Report /RUM/HANA_BUFFER_CACHE you can display the Buffer Cache statistics and also adjust the size of the Buffer Cache.