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SAP Sales & Services Cloud – Preparation for Real User Monitoring

Preparation Steps

The following steps are required to allow Real User Monitoring consuming performance and usage metrics from SAP Sales & Services Cloud (Cloud for Customers).

Logon to the SAP Sales Cloud


It is required that the collection user has the required time zone and date format settings.
Open the Settings of the collection user and ensure the following settings:

Date Format = DD.MM.YYYY

Time Zone = UTC

Under Business Analytics open Design Reports


Enter COD_RESP_TIME_ANA_Q0003 in search field


Select the entry and click on New -> Report as Copy.


Give it a name e.g. End to End Response Time (for SAP ALM). It is recommended to remember this name.

Click on next and go the step 2 Select key Figures

Keep all selected and add TTI


Click on next and go the step 3 Select characteristics

Important: Add at least the characteristics marked below:



Click on next and go the step 4 Characteristic Properties

Click on next and go the step 5 Define Variables

Select Date/time as Mandatory and selection type Interval



Click on Finish


Test the Report

Go (back) to Design Reports and search for your report name you entered before.

Select the entry and choose via the three dots in the menu the entry Build OData Queries:


Enter the date in the field CTIMESTAMP in the format DD.MM.YYYY HH:MM:SS

Click on Generate Data Query and then on Run Query.

A new Tab or window opens with a request in the address bar and some result.

e.g.: https://<hostname><reportID>QueryResults?$filter=(....)

You should see in the browser a result.

Copy the URL and extract the path like (where <reportID> is the generated name of your report):


This path needs to be entered later in Cloud Service Managment in the description field.