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Release Strategy for SAP Focused Run

For a complete overview of the ALM maintenance strategy please check the image below.

SAP Cloud ALM and SAP Focused Run are not dependent on the SAP Business Suite, allowing mainstream maintenance beyond 2030.

SAP Focused Run Releases

The development of SAP Focused Run is going for continuous delivery of innovations also based on customer feedback. The functional focus is keeping on application operations for hybrid SAP-centric landscapes.

The release strategy consists of a three year release cycle with two delivery units per year. The maintenance for the deliveries gives customers one year overlap to change to the next release (see also graphic below). These delivery units include also regular technology update for ABAP, HANA, and SAPUI5 to the latest innovations following the SAP S/4HANA product strategy.

SAP Focused Run is planning to deliver two times a year (Q2 and Q4). Each release will have three Feature Packages, which results in the following table. For details also check the Product Availability Matrix for SAP Focused Run.

ReleaseInitial Shipment Stack or Feature PackageQuarter and Year
SAP Focused Run 4.0SP00/ Initial Stack ShipmentQ4 2022
FP01Q2 2023
FP02Q4 2023
FP03Q2 2024
SAP Focused Run 5.0SP00/ Initial Stack ShipmentQ4 2024
FP01Q2 2025
FP02Q4 2025
FP03Q2 2026