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ABAP Gateway

SAP NetWeaver Gateway is a development framework, which is available as an SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP (AS ABAP) add-on, which you can install on top of your existing SAP Business Suite or application platform. SAP NetWeaver Gateway offers development and generation tools to create OData services to a variety of client development tools. Put simply, it establishes a connection between SAP Business Suite data and target clients, platforms, and programming framework.

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Technical Prerequisites

The following technical prerequisites have to be met in order to use the GW monitoring:

  • The managed system is ABAP based system with component GW_CORE
  • The managed system as at least ST-PI  2008_1 SP07 or higher 

Integration Monitoring Setup

Available Monitoring Categories

The available monitoring categories are:

  • ABAP Gateway: Gateway errors in the managed system (Monitoring transaction /n/IWFND/ERROR_LOG)

Available Filter Options

ABAP Gateway 

For Gateway error monitoring, you can collect all Gateway errors happening in the managed system. You can also use the following filter parameters, to restrict the data collection:

  • Service Name: The value of the field Service Name in the log or the technical service name of the service (as seen in transaction SEGW)
  • User: The user causing the error
  • Host: The application server the error happened on (Error Context → ...APPLICATION_SERVER)
  • Message: Error Text
  • Location: B (Remote BEP), L (Local BEP), G (SAP Gateway) or P (Local Data Provider)
  • T100 Message Id: T100 Error ID (e.g. /IWFND/CM_MGW004)

Available Metrics

For ABAP Gateway error monitoring the following metrics are collected:

ABAP Gateway

  • ABAP Gateway exceptions: Indicates that ABAP gateway errors were collected during the last collection period
    • Additional filter fields:
      • Call Destination: Destination that was called while causing the error
      • Error Component: SW Component causing the error 
      • Request URI: URI called while causing the exception
      • Message Number: T100 Message Number