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SAP Netweaver AS Java Logs

During its operations the SAP Netweaver AS Java system writes different log files. With SAP Focused Run you can now detect exceptions in these log files and collect those exceptions in the Integration & Exception Monitoring application.

Technical Prerequisites

  • SAP Focused Run 3.0 FP01
  • Prepare the managed SAP Netweaver AS Java system as described here

Advanced Integration Monitoring Setup

Available Monitoring Categories

For SAP Netweaver AS Java logs the following monitoring category is available:

  • Netweaver Logs: Collected exceptions in SAP Netweaver AS Java log files

Available Filter Options

You can collect all error log entries or you can use a filter to restrict the data collection. The following filters are available

Netweaver Logs

  • Application Name
  • CSN Component
  • Category
  • DC Component
  • Group ID
  • Group Ident
  • Group Level
  • Location
  • Message Code
  • Message Type
  • Resource Bundle 
  • Session
  • Source Name
  • Time Zone
  • Text 
  • Thread Name
  • Transaction
  • User Name
  • Version

Available Metrics

The following metrics are collected for the Netweaver Logs:

Netweaver Log

  • Netweaver Logs exceptions: Indicates that new exceptions were found in the SAP Netweaver AS Java log files