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Creating Custom Email Notifications in
Integration & Exception Monitoring

This page describes how you can create a notification variant containing customized email content for your Integration & Exception Monitoring alerts.

With the custom email template you can include additional fields specific to Integration & Exception Monitoring in your alert notifications. To create such a custom email template you have to perform the following three activities:

  1. Create a notification template
  2. Create an alert consumer variant
  3. Assign the notification variant to your Integration & Exception Monitoring alert

The following keywords can be used in a custom email notification template.

<<ALERT_NAME>>Alert Name
ABAP System not available
<<MO_NAME>>Managed Object Name
<<MO_TYPE>>Managed Object Type
Technical System
SAP Focused Run Development
Very high
<<START_TIME>>Start Time
09.10.2017 19:13:43 CET
<<END_TIME>>End Time
10.10.2017 07:24:48 CET
<<ALERT_RATING>>Alert Rating
<Red Icon> (Critical)
The ABAP System XXX~ABAP parts of it are not running.
<<ALERT_CUSTOM_DOCUMENTATION>>Alert Custom Documentation
Please check the alert details to see which components do not respond.Restart the system if necessary.
<<METRIC_TABLE>>Metric Table with message level attributes; Name, Managed Object, Rating, Value, Text Value
<<METRIC_DOCUMENTATION>>Metric Documentation
This metric performs a logon test to the system. This test is being performed on the Diagnostic Agent. It uses the logon credentials which have been specified for the system in the Managed System Setup.
<<ALERT_DETAIL_LINK>>URL to Alert Detail Page
Link to Alert Detail
The metrics table in SAP Alert Management: Alert Details

Create Notification Template

  1. Go to the SAP Focused Run launchpad
  2. Open "Notification Management"
  3. Navigate to the view "Template Maintenance"
  4. Select the application "Advanced Integration Monitoring" from the drop-down list above the template table
  5. Click the "+" button to create a new template
  6. Enter the desired text in the respective text area. You find a list of the supported keywords in the table next to the text area.
  7. Save your template.

Create Alert Consumer Variant

  1. Go to the SAP Focused Run launchpad
  2. Open "Alert Management - Alert Consumer Variant Configuration"
  3. Click the "Add" button to create a new notification variant
  4. Enter a name and a description
  5. Select if you want to send alerts for red alerts, yellow alerts or both
  6. Under "Email Template" select the notification template you created before
  7. Add recipients
  8. Save your alert consumer variant    

Assign Notification Variant to AIM Alert

  1. Go to the SAP Focused Run launchpad
  2. Open "Advanced Integration Monitoring" > "Integration & Cloud Monitoring"
  3. Open the configuration panel
  4. Select the system or cloud service for which you want to create the alert
  5. Go to the "Alerting" tab
  6. Create the alert and enter the filter values depending on the system or services type
  7. On the tab "Description":
    1. In the field "Notification Variant" select the the alert consumer variant you created before
  8. Save you changes.