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ABAP Update

ABAP update work processes are used to update records in the database. The update status of this records can be monitored in transaction SM13 which would also display failed updates. A failed update means that information that needed to be persisted in the database, was not stored successfully and hence is not available in the database. This can lead to inconsistencies and other errors down the road.

With SAP Focused Run you can monitor for failed updates and address the problem in a timely manner. 

Integration Monitoring Setup

Available Monitoring Categories

The available monitoring categories are:

  • ABAP Update: Update errors in the ABAP system (Monitoring transaction SM13)

Available Filter Options

ABAP Update 

For ABAP Update Errors, you can collect all ABAP update errors in the managed system. You can also use the following filter parameters, to restrict the data collection:

  • User: The user that triggered the failed update (see SM13)
  • Transaction: The transaction that triggered the failed update (SM13 → TCODE)

Available Metrics

For ABAP update errors the following metrics are collected:

ABAP Update 

  • ABAP Update Error exceptions: Indicates that ABAP Update errors were collected during the last collection