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ABAP Aborted Jobs

ABAP jobs in the SAP system are responsible for the background processing of business data, performing housekeeping tasks, running interfaces in the background and many other things. ABAP jobs can depend on each other, so the failure of one job can cause a chain reaction that could potentially lead to a business downtime.

Monitoring for ABAP job cancellations is a regular task that can be automated using SAP Focused Run Integration & Exception Monitoring. 

Integration Monitoring Setup

Available Monitoring Categories

The available monitoring categories are:

  • ABAP Aborted Job: Aborted jobs collected from the ABAP system (Monitoring transaction SM37).

Available Filter Options

ABAP Aborted Job 

For aborted jobs you can collect all aborted jobs or restrict the data collection with the following parameters:

  • Job Name: Name of the job
  • User: User running the job

Available Metrics

For Aborted Job monitoring the following metrics are collected:

ABAP Aborted Job

  • ABAP Aborted Job exceptions: Indicates that aborted jobs were collected during the last collection period
    • Additional filter fields:
      • Program: The program run by the job