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How To Create A Dashboard

Start OCC Dashboards or Tactical Dashboards from the SAP Focused Run launchpad. The tiles are located in the "Analytics & Intelligence" application group.

Press the «Personalization» button to access the configuration panel of the newly created page.

Create a Custom Page

From the FRUN navigation panel, add a new custom page by pressing the «Add Custom Page» button.

Press the "Personalization" button to access the configuration panel of the newly created page.

Name Your Page and Choose the Layout

Rename your page by using the «Rename» button.

In the View Management, start the layout management panel, to build the layout of your page.

Each tile in your layout will contain a specific view for your dashboard.

Select Views for Your Layout

Select views from the available views panel and drag the view in of your dashboard.

Configure Tiles of Your Page

The name of each view is managed in the view management panel.

Press the "configuration" button to configure individually each tile of your page.

Depending on your use-cases,the configuration panel will propose different options.