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SAP Fieldglass

This page explains how to connect SAP Fieldglass to SAP Focused Run. For the setup of the supported monitoring applications, please click on the monitoring application below.

Currently the following monitoring application are supported for SAP Fieldglass:


To enable SAP Fieldglass for monitoring with SAP Focused Run:

  • You need a user with Fieldglass Configuration Manager access
    • You SAP Fieldglass administrator can link this user to your own personal user for temporary access
    • In rare cases no user on customer side has access to the API Application Key application. If so, please open a case with SAP on component BNS-FG-FAS.
  • Create a user in SAP Fieldglass to be used in the web service created for the API application key
    • Do not use a personal user for this purpose


Setup Steps in SAP Fieldglass

Create API Key and Web Service in SAP Fieldglass

  1. Log on the SAP Fieldglass
  2. Switch to the configuration manager user:
    1. Click on your user icon in the upper right corner and click on "Linked Accounts"
  3. Open the application "Create Api Application Key"
  4. Enter an application name and an application description
  5. Click the "Create" button
  6. Under "Setup Web Service" click the "New" button.
  7. Select the user created for this web service from the drop-down field for "Virtual Person Name".
  8. Set the status to "Enabled".
  9. Save the web service.

Obtain OAuth Connection Information in SAP Fieldglass

  1. Open the application "View Api Application Key"
  2. Retrieve the following information from the "API Application Keys" table:
    1. "Api Application Key" for the application for the SAP Cloud ALM integration
  3. Retrieve the following information from the "Web Services" table:
    1. The "License Key" for the user you created for the integration
    2. The "Username" in the column "Virtual Person Name (Username)" for the user you created for the integration

Please do not use the Client ID and the Client Secret provided in the API Application Key application. They are not applicable for SAP Focused Run endpoints. Instead SAP Focused Run will use the following information:

  • The Virtual Person Name used as the Client ID in SAP Focused Run
  • The License Key used as the Client Secret phrase in SAP Focused Run

Setup Steps in SAP Focused Run

Input Values for SAP Fieldglass

  • Customer ID: Your customer ID
  • Fieldglass API Root URL: Your Fieldglass tenant URL (e.g.
  • Description (optional) 

  • Section 'Global':
    • Description: A meaningful description
  • Section 'Authentication':
    • Type: OAUTH
    • OAuth URL: Extend your Fieldglass URL with /api/oauth2/v2.0/token?grant_type=client_credentials&response_type=token
    • Application Key: Fieldglass API Key
    • User: Fieldglass web service virtual person name
    • Password: Fieldglass web service license key
  • Section 'Proxy':
    • If necessary add proxy information to connect to the cloud service