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SAP Concur

This page explains how to connect SAP Concur to SAP Focused Run. For the setup of the supported monitoring applications, please click on the monitoring application below.

Currently the following monitoring application are supported for SAP Concur:

Technical Prerequisites

The exceptions for SAP Concur are collected from the Concur integration add-ons installed in the ABAP backend system. So this monitoring category is only available for ABAP systems, which have one or more of the Concur integration add-ons installed.

For more information on the add-on installation please refer to SAP note 2298170 - Installation and upgrade of add-ons for PV - SAP ERP-CONCUR INTEGRATION 1.0.

To set up this monitoring category you have to add the ABAP backend system to Advanced Integration Monitoring. 


Setup Steps in SAP Concur

You do not need to connect the SAP Concur cloud service to monitor exceptions in SAP Concur. All exceptions are replicated to the SAP Concur integration add-in in the backend system.

Focused Run monitors all exceptions and also the data communication in the SAP backend system.

The monitoring for SAP Concur exceptions and communication is set up via the ABAP technical system.