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SAP Integration Suite (API Management)

This page explains how to connect SAP Integration Suite (API Management) running on Cloud Foundry (Multi-Cloud) to SAP Focused Run to enable monitoring.

Currently, the following monitoring applications are supported for SAP Integration Suite (API Management):


To monitor SAP Integration Suite (API Management) with SAP Focused Run, you need:
  • SAP Focused Run 3.0 FP03 or higher
  • With Health Monitoring you can monitor the health of custom domain virtual host certificates in API Management
    • This means you will only get monitoring data if you requested a custom domain for the virtual host as described here
  • You need to have access to SAP BTP Cockpit.
  • You need to have an entitlement for the service "API Management, API portal" → for the plan "apiportal-apiaccess"
    • You can check this in SAP BTP Cockpit → <Subaccount for Integration Suite> → Entitlements
  • Your user in BTP Cockpit needs to be a member with the space role "Space Developer" for the space in which you want to create the service instance.

Setup Steps in SAP Integration Suite (API Management)

OAuth Authentication: Prepare and obtain OAuth Credentials

To enable OAuth authentication between SAP Cloud ALM and SAP Integration Suite (API Management), you must create an instance with a service key for the API Management service with the necessary authorizations. 

Create Service Instance

  1. Go to SAP BTP Cockpit → Access the sub-account used for SAP Cloud Integration
  2. Go to "Instances and Subscriptions"
  3. Click the "Create" button to create a new instance
  4. Basic Info
    1. Service: API Management, API portal (apimanagement-apiportal)
    2. Plan: apiportal-apiaccess
    3. Runtime Environment: Choose Cloud Foundry
    4. Space: Select the appropriate space (depending on your company)
    5. Instance Name: Enter an instance name
    6. Click "Next"
  5. Under "Parameters", enter the following JSON string:
    { "role": "APIPortal.Administrator" }
  6. Click "Create" to create the instance

Create Service Key

After the instance is created, you can add the service key.

  1. Select the row of the instance
  2. Go to tab "Service Keys"
  3. Click "Create"
  4. Enter a name for the service key
  5. Click "Create"
Download the service key file. You will need the information in the file later when creating the end-point in SAP Cloud ALM.

Setup Steps in SAP Focused Run

Input Values for SAP Integration Suite (API Management)

  • Cloud Service Type: SAP Integration Suite (API Management)
  • Tenant: The tenant ID for the SAP Integration Suite
  • Root URL: Enter the value of the parameter "url" in the service key.
  • Description (optional) 

  • Section 'Global':
    • Description: A meaningful description
  • Section 'Authentication':
    • Type: OAUTH
    • OAuth URL: The service key parameter "tokenUrl"
    • Client ID: The service key parameter "clientId"
    • Client secret: The service key parameter "clientSecret"
  • Section 'Proxy':
    • If necessary add proxy information to connect to the cloud service