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Landscape Management Database (LMDB)

The landscape management database (LMDB) is the central landscape directory in SAP Focused Run.

The LMDB describes the landscape elements similar to the system landscape directory (SLD). Typical model elements include computers, systems, products, and software components. 

It provides a user interface (the technical system editor) for displaying landscape data for single systems and hosts. You can open it using transaction LMDB or via the tile "LMDB - Object Maintenance" in the SAP Focused Run launchpad.

Furthermore, with LMDB reporting, you can get an overview of all landscape elements at a glance. LMDB Reporting is embedded in the LMDB Tools.

LMDB Tools

LMDB Tools provides additional viewing of landscape data at a glance and support for creating cross associations, which is needed to assist with disaster recovery.

To open LMDB Tools, click on the tile “Infrastructure Administration” > “LMDB - Tools”  in the SAP Focused Run launchpad.

For more details, please refer to the page LMDB Tools.

LMDB Self-Monitoring

In the SAP Focused Run "Self-Monitoring' application you can monitor the following aspects of the LMDB:

  • LMDB Notifications
  • LMDB Data Supplier Completeness Checks

Self-Monitoring of LMDB Notifications

Every time a change occurs in the LMDB, notifications are triggered, informing consumers. The consumers need to react accordingly; for example, Simple System Integration might trigger a reconfiguration of the affected managed system.

In the Self-Monitoring application, you can monitor the overall notification status and the status of the dispatcher job and the consumer job with regards to:

  • Processing Time
  • Amount of Pending Changes
  • Successful Processing

System Monitoring of LMDB Data Supplier Completeness Checks

Data suppliers deliver system information to the LMDB. Each technical system type can have several data suppliers, for example, for the technical system itself and for technical instances, hosts, and the database.

You can monitor the status of the data supplier completeness checks for each managed system in the System Monitoring application.

Housekeeping of LMDB Change Logs

In the table LMDB_P_CHANGELOG, all change operations in the LMDB are recorded. This way, you can determine how the objects in the LMDB were changed. Over time this table will grow and needs to be cleaned up. For more information, refer to SAP Note 2610122 – Cleaning up the change history in the LMDB.