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Remote Availability Checks

The Remote Availability Checks are performed from a defined (central) Simple Diagnostic Agent (SDA) located in the related Customer Network of the Managed System.

The selection of the central SDA based on three attempts:

  1. If a host is maintained for a Customer Network in report RLMDB_CUSTOMER_NETWORK_TOOLS column “Hostname for Central Diagnostic Agent”, this SDA is used.
  2. If an Enterprise Manager is available in the Customer Network the SDA on this host is used.
  3. If both above are not available, a random online SDA is used.

For all three options it is checked, if the related SDA is online.

The active central SDA can be displayed in the Metric Details of the Remote Availability Check Metric:

  • Info button on metric level
  • Following the Link "Check Data Collection"
  • Column Agent ### is responsible for the data collection.