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SAP Business Technology Platform

SAP Business Technology Platform, the in-memory Platform-as-a-Service offering from SAP, enables customers and developers to build, extend, and run applications on SAP HANA in the cloud. It provides access to a development environment in the cloud. The platform includes a comprehensive set of services for integration, enterprise mobility, collaboration, and analytics.  

Connect SAP Business Technology Platform

Perform the step described on the page below to connect SAP Business Technology Platform to SAP Focused Run. Please choose the setup for your platform:

Integration Monitoring Setup

Available Monitoring Categories

For SAP Business Technology Platform different monitoring categories are available.

  • SAP BTP Alert Notifications: Collects events sent from the Alert Notification Service. Available for Neo and Cloud Foundry
  • SAP BTP Java Neo Application (f.k.a. SAP Cloud Platform): Collect exceptions in Java Logs for applications running in SAP Business Technology Platform. Only available for Neo 
  • ABAP Gateway: Collect exceptions in the ABAP Gateway. Only available for SAP BTP, ABAP environment

Available Filter Options

You can collect all exceptions and events for SAP Business Technology Platform or you can filter them using the following parameters:

SAP BTP Alert Notification

  • Event Type: Type of the event (Find more information below)
  • Category: Alert, Exception or Notification
  • Subject: Alert notification short text
  • Severity: Error or Warning
  • Resource Name: Name of the resource causing the event

SAP BTP Java Neo Application

  • Application: Application Name
  • Logger: This field usually contains the area and the application name to identify the origin of the logged problem. Supports wildcards (e.g.*)
  • Message: Error text of the exception. Supports wildcards (e.g. Failed*cache)
  • Severity: Comma-separated list of the severity of the exceptions (e.g. ERROR, FATAL)
  • Tenant: The account or sub-account ID for the exception
  • User: The user who triggered the exception

ABAP Gateway

  • Service Name: Name of the gateway service
  • Client: ABAP Client
  • User: The user that caused the exception
  • Host: The host on which the exception occurred
  • Message: Message text
  • GW Location: B (Remote BEP), G (SAP Gateway), L (Local BEP), P (Local Data Provider)
  • T100 Message Id: Message number

The following alerts are available in the different environments:

  • Catalog of Available Events for SAP Business Technology Platform (Cloud Foundry): SAP Cloud Platform Alert Notification → Administration → Catalog of Available Events
  • Catalog of Available Events for SAP Business Technology Platform (Neo): SAP Cloud Platform Alert Notification → SAP Business Technology Platform AlertNotification, Neo Environment → Administration → Catalog of Available Events

Available Metrics

For SAP Business Technology Platform the following metrics are collected:

SAP BTP Alert Notification

  • SAP BTP Alert Notifications: Indicates that new exceptions have been received via the Alert Notification Service
  • ANS Alerts (Stateful events): Indicates a new alert has been received via the Alert Notification Service

SAP Business Technology Platform Java Neo Application

  • SAP Cloud Platform exceptions: Indicates that new exceptions were collected during the last data collection interval

ABAP Gateway

  • ABAP Gateway exceptions: Indicates that new exceptions were collected during the last data collection interval

Application Tracing

Trace Preparation: Activate Java Statistics in SAP Business Technology Platform

To collect also the Java application part of a trace you need to activate the statistics for the Java application that you want to trace in SAP Business Technology Platform.

Note: You need the role 'Developer' to start the statistics collection 

  1. Navigate to you Subaccount in SAP Business Technology Platform
  2. Go to Applications → Java Applications → Click on the name of the application you want to trace
  3. Go to Monitoring → JMX Console
  4. Find the MBean
  5. Select Statistics → Statistics
  6. Select 'Operations'
  7. Set 'Enable Tracing' = true
  8. Click the 'Execute' symbol 

To prepare SAP Focused Run for the use of trace analysis, please follow this documentation. For more information on the E2E Trace functionality in SAP Focused Run please refer to Trace Analysis.

Tracing SAP UI5 Applications

You can start Trace Analysis for any SAPUI5 application, using the Diagnostics functionality, as described in the help portal (<Alt>+<Shift>+<Ctrl>+S key combination).  Note: For mobile devices, refer to Mobile Diagnostics.

  1. In the Diagnostics window that pops-up, open the Technical Information section, and scroll to the bottom of that section to find the E2E Trace sub-section.
  2. Select the desired Trace Level (LOW|MEDIUM|HIGH)
  3. Press the Start button
  4. In the Window of the SAP UI5 application you can now perform the actions you want to trace. 
    Note: After each interaction with the SAP UI5 application you need to wait for a until a pop-up appears, asking if you want to continue tracing or not.
  5. Press cancel, when you want to end tracing.
  6. After having ended the tracing, it is important to reload the SAPUI5 application, to be able to proceed using that application.

Important: Make the end-user starting a trace aware that his provided user-id is recorded in involved systems, as part of the trace data.