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SAP Marketing Cloud - up to SAP Focused Run 3.0 FP01

This page describes the connection and the integration monitoring setup for SAP Marketing Cloud with SAP Focused Run up to 3.0 FP01.

For SAP Focused Run up to SAP Focused Run 3.0 FP01 we use a PULL data collection mechanism to collect metrics from SAP Marketing Cloud.

Technical Prerequisites

The following technical prerequisites have to be met in order to monitor this scenario:

  • For Integration & Cloud Monitoring you need at least Focused Run 3.0 SP00
  • For Real User Monitoring you need at least Focused Run 3.0 SP01

Configure Cloud Service

Preparations in SAP Marketing Cloud

The user that will be maintained in the HTTP endpoint, must be a user declared in the relevant Communication Arrangement defined in SAP Marketing Cloud for enabling the API used by SAP Focused Run. To arrange a communications agreement and allow SAP Focused Run access please proceed as following:

  1. Log as administrator onto the SAP Fiori Launchpad of your SAP Marketing Cloud tenant
  2. Select 'Communication Systems' under Communication Management
  3. Create a new communication system
    • System ID: SAP Focused Run SID
    • System Name: SAP Focused Run system name (e.g. FRUN)
    • Host Name: Enter any value into the mandatory field Host Name. Please note that since the actual value is not used in this communication scenario, it can be chosen freely.
  4. Choose '+' user under 'User for Inbound Communication' to add a user for inbound communication
  5. Choose 'New User'
  6. Enter the following entries in the 'Create Communication User' screen
    • User Name: Enter a user name
    • Description: Enter a short description
    • Password: Enter a password. Remember this password for later
  7. Choose 'Create'
  8. Choose 'User Name and Password' as authentication method
  9. Select OK and save the communications system.
  10. Return to the Fiori Launchpad and choose 'Communication Arrangements' under 'Communication Management'
  11. Create a new scenario of type 'SAP_COM_0454' (Application Monitoring Integration)
  12. On the next screen select the communication system you created before and verify that the user name is provided automatically
  13. Save the communications arrangement

Input Values for SAP Marketing Cloud

  • Tenant: Tenant name of your tenant
  • Root URL: Your SAP Marketing Cloud URL ( e.g. )
  • Description: (optional)

Input Values for SAP Marketing Cloud

  • User: The user created for the communication arrangement
  • Password: Password of the user 

Advanced Integration Monitoring Setup

Available Monitoring Categories

For SAP Marketing Cloud, the following monitoring category is available:

  • Marketing Interactions Import: Collects exceptions happening during marketing interaction imports

Available Filter Options

The category 'Marketing Interactions Import' is based on ABAP Application Log and hence some parameters are mandatory.

Marketing Interactions Import

  • Object (mandatory): The object of the log record (CUAN_CE_IC)
  • Subobject (mandatory): The sub-object of the log record (STAGING_AREA)
  • External ID: External ID of the Application Log entry
  • Message ID: Message Class
  • Message Number: Message Number
  • Text: Message Text
  • Program: Program triggering the log entry
  • Transaction: Transaction code triggering the log entry
  • User: The user who triggered the log entry

Available Metrics

For SAP Marketing Cloud the following metrics are available:

Marketing Interactions Import

  • Marketing Interactions Import exceptions: Indicates that new exceptions were collected during the last data collection interval

Real User Monitoring Setup

Activate Real User Monitoring

To enable Real User Monitoring for SAP Marketing Cloud, please proceed as following:

  1. Open the "Real User Monitoring" application
  2. Open the scope selection
  3. Select your SAP Marketing Cloud service
  4. Open the configuration panel
  5. Expand the "Systems" tray
  6. Switch the data collection for your SAP Marketing Cloud service from OFF to ON