SAP Ariba - up to SAP Focused Run 3.0 FP01

SAP Ariba is SAP's cloud based marketplace for business-to-business transactions. SAP Ariba runs the Ariba Network in which buyers and suppliers can find each other and do business in one network. You can integrate SAP Ariba Network with your on premise system either via SAP Cloud Platform Integration or via SAP PI.

Integration Scenario

For SAP Ariba the following integration scenarios are possible:


The different scenarios contain the following exceptions and point-to-point connections:

  1. Integrating ABAP backend with the SAP Ariba Network in a direct connectivity scenario: 1, 3, 6
  2. Integrating ABAP backend with the SAP Ariba Network mediated via SAP Integration Suite - Cloud Integration: 1, 3, 4, 6
  3. Integrating ABAP backend with the SAP Ariba Network mediated via SAP Process Integration (Web Service based): 1, 3, 5, 6
  4. Integrating ABAP backend with the SAP Ariba Network mediated via SAP Process Integration (IDoc based): 2, 4, 5, 6

 Scenario ComponentMonitored ContentMonitoring Category
1Systems: ABAP on-premise systemExceptions in Ariba Integration Add-onAriba Network Integration Add-on
2Systems: ABAP on-premise systemIDocsIDoc
3Systems: ABAP on-premise systemWeb Service errors and performance

Web Service Messages (ABAP), Web Service (Performance)

4Cloud Services: SAP Integration Suite - Cloud IntegrationIntegration flows (IFlow) in SAP Integration Suite - Cloud Integration

SAP Integration Suite

5Systems: SAP PI on-premise systemPI Messages

ABAP: PI Messages

Java: PI Communication Channels, PI Messages

6Cloud Services: SAP AribaExceptions in SAP Ariba Network

Ariba Network Transaction

Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway (Planned)

To know which IDocs, WebServices and Application Log entries are relevant for the Ariba integration scenario, please refer to the following documentation: 

SAP Ariba scenarios covered by Focused Run

The following SAP Ariba document types are currently covered for SAP Ariba:

  • SAP Ariba Supply Chain Collaboration (Buyers) currently restricted to the following document types: Purchase Orders, Order Confirmations, Ship Notices, Goods Receipts, Invoices, Payment Remittances

Technical Prerequisites

To monitor errors in the Cloud Integration Gateway (CIG) in SAP Ariba you need at least:

  • FRUN 2.0 Feature Pack 02

Please note: While Focused Run is technically able to receive exceptions from Cloud Integration Gateway, the exceptions are currently not written to the Transaction Monitoring API from SAP Ariba side. Hence they cannot be collected by SAP Focused Run. We will update this page, as soon as this problem is addressed.

To monitor exceptions from Cloud Integration Gateway for now you can monitor the Application Log messages written for CIG in the on-premise system. The relevant Application Log entries can be found here:

Configure Cloud Service

Preparations for SAP Ariba

Register for the open API Developer Portal

Once you have registered in the Open API Developer portal you shall register for the service 'Transaction Monitoring API', which will provide access to the error and warning events, related to the SAP Ariba document processing.

While working through the above-mentioned process, keep in mind to note down the information, like Application Key, OAuth Client ID and Client Secret, which is needed to configure the SAP Ariba cloud service access on Focused Run side.

Preparations for SAP ABAP Backend System

The exceptions for 'Ariba Network Integration' are collected from the Ariba integration add-ons installed in the ABAP backend system. So this monitoring category is only available for ABAP systems, which have the Ariba integration add-ons installed.

  • For more information on the add-on installation please refer to SAP Note 1915255 - Ariba Integration for SAP Business Suite Installation: RIN

To set up this monitoring category you have to add the ABAP backend system to Advanced Integration Monitoring.

Input Values for SAP Ariba

  • Tenant: Tenant name of your tenant
  • Open API Root URL:
  • Description: (optional)

Input Values for SAP Ariba

  • Type: OAUTH
  • OAuth URL:
  • Application key: Unique ID per application, generated on creation of the application, checked by Open API Gateway
  • Client ID: Another Unique ID per application, generated on approval of the application
  • Client secret: Unique ID per application used to generate access tokens for applications

Advanced Integration Monitoring Setup

Available Monitoring Categories 

For SAP Ariba different monitoring categories are available:

  • Ariba Network Integration Add-on: Collects exceptions that happen in the integration add-on on the backend system. This category is configured for the ABAP backend system
  • Ariba Network Transaction: Collects exceptions that happen in Ariba Network in the public cloud for the Supply Chain Collaboration scenario. This category is configured for the SAP Ariba cloud service

Available Filter Options 

Ariba Network Integration Add-on

Ariba Network Integration is based on the ABAP Application Log. Hence you have to select at least the Subobject. The Object is preselected in the coding to collect logs from the Ariba Integration add-in.

  • Subobject (mandatory): Choose between INBOUND, POLLING or OUTBOUND
  • External ID: External ID of the Application Log entry
  • Message ID: Message Class
  • Message Number: Message Number
  • Text: Message Text
  • Status: Error (E) or Warning (W)
  • Program: Program triggering the log entry
  • Transaction: Transaction code triggering the log entry
  • User: The user who triggered the log entry

Ariba Network Transaction

For Ariba BPM logs you have to select the alert type in a filter. You can create two filters to collect failures and warnings.

  • Alert Type (mandatory): Select FAILURE or WARNING
  • Process Name: The specific business document that is tracked in an event. (e.g. TRANSACTION_TRACKING_CONFIRMATIONDOCUMENT)
  • Receiver Id: The receiver of the business document. This is a unique SAP Ariba Network ID. An SAP Ariba Network ID is always AN followed by 11 digits (e.g. AN12345678901)
  • Sender Id: The sender of the business document. This is a unique SAP Ariba Network ID.

Available Metrics 

For SAP Ariba the following metrics are collected:

Ariba Network Integration Add-on

  • Ariba Network Integration exceptions: Indicates that new exceptions were collected during the last data collection interval

Ariba Network Transaction

  • SAP Ariba Network Transaction exceptions: Indicates that new exceptions were collected during the last data collection interval

Additional Information

The Ariba Integration Add-On as well as the Cloud Integration Gateway Integration Add-on (CIG) write messages in the ABAP Application Log. Some of these Application Log messages are covered by the 'Ariba Network Integration Add-on' category. However the object and sub-objects that are proposed in that category might not reflect your situation. If you want to monitor Application Log messages that are not covered (yet) you can use the ABAP Application Log category, available for any on-premises ABAP system, and specify the relevant Application Log objects and sub-objects, as proposed here:

IntegrationOn-premise SystemApplication Log Object
Ariba Network Integration Add-on< SAP S/4HANA 1610ARIBA_INTEGRATION
Ariba Network Integration Add-on>= SAP S/4HANA 1610CXML_INTEGRATION
Cloud Integration Gateway (CIG)AnyARBCIG_NETWORK and ARBCIG_UTILITY.
Refer to this blog for more details