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Expert Scheduling Management Cockpit

Expert Scheduling Management is a scheduling application which manages the recurrent tasks for different applications in SAP Focused Run such as System Analytics and Integration & Exception Monitoring. These tasks could be data collection tasks, housekeeping tasks or data aggregation tasks. More information on the application can be found in SAP Help.

User Interface


The following details are displayed in the application:

  • Overall status of all the tasks relevant for the various applications in SAP Focused Run.
  • For a selected task, the user can view the task run information.
  • Detailed logs for each task run.

Some Critical status for a task are the following:

Last Status”: Following status values are available:

  • Error: Task has an error during the last execution
  • Successful:Task was successful in the last execution
  • Warning: Task had warnings in the last execution
  • Unknown: Logs not available for the task

 “Active” status: Following status values are available:

  • Task Activated: Task is active and will run in the next scheduled run.
  • Task Banned: Task is banned, due to three consecutive exceptions in the task.
  • Task Deactivated: Task is inactive. No run is scheduled.
  • Task In process: Task is currently getting executed.

The user can perform the following actions on the task by selecting the “Manage” button:

  • Activate: Activate an inactive task. This will result in re-starting of the existing schedule.
  • Deactivate: Mark the task as inactive and suspend the current schedule.
  • Release: Activate a banned task to resume the current schedule. This is typically done after the current exceptions for the task is solved.
  • Delete: Delete the task and the schedule of the task


1.       Expert Scheduling Management is available as of SAP Focused Run 1.00

2.       bgRFC Supervisor Destination is created in transaction SBGRFCCONF. Refer to SAP Focused Run Master Guide for more details.

3.       Jobs, SAP_FRN_AF_SCHEDULER and SAP_FRN_AF_HOUSEKEEPER, are scheduled in transaction SM36 with the user FRN_BTC_SRA. Refer to SAP Focused Run Master Guide for more details.