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SAP EarlyWatch Alert - Notification and Email Distribution

SAP has introduced several options to stay on top of the EarlyWatch Alerts (EWA) and distribute EWA reports and EWA alerts to interested parties via mail. 

Send Email Manually With a Link to a Single Report

Go to the

Select a report and open it in the UI.

To send a link to a report in the select the envelop icon (on the top right corner). This will open your local mail client with a template including a link to the report.

Use the Notification Framework of the SAP ONE Support Launchpad

If you are using the SAP ONE Support Launchpad, you'll definitely know the Notification Management of the launchpad. A prominent “bullhorn” icon in the launchpad header informs you about important updates and information – e.g. new SAP Notes or KBAs meeting your personal filter settings, legal changes, or incidents.

Subscribe to EWA reports in the Service Message app

Enter the service message app via:

Enter a customer number.

Select the "service type" EarlyWatch Alert" and click "Go.

A list of only EWA reports should appears. Now click "Standard" in the upper left corner.

Click "Save As".

A dialog appears: Give your view a name AND select Notifications. Click "Save". Your filter values have been saved and they are decisive for the notifications.

In the upper right corner, you can find the notification bull horn. Click it and then click "Manage".

In the new screen (below) you can now select the notification channel.

You are done. From now one you get a notification for each new EWA service report arriving for your customer selection.

See also SAP Note 2530034 - How to set up e-mail, SMS, and/or launchpad notifications - SAP ONE Support Launchpad

Subscribe to Decisive Red Alerts via Notification Framework and EWA Workspace

In order to improve usability of the Workspace the development team enabled the Notification framework in the SAP ONE Support Launchpad to send out notification for critical alerts while they are processed instead of looking it up each week in the SAP EarlyWatch Alert Workspace.

In order to enable notifications, you need to create a filter view, a customized filter query in EWA Workspace. In order to receive the EWA Notifications the user must have at least one view saved.

Go to EWA Workspace (

Set any filter values (e.g. customer number, database type)

Click on arrow right side of icon Standard *

Click on Save As button.

In the Save View popup enter a name for the view

Click "OK"

With that we can enable Notification for the saved view.

In the upper right corner, you can find the notification bull horn. Click it and then click "Manage"

A new screen appears. You need to select "SAP EarlyWatch Alert Workspace" to configure notification for Views and Cards.

You can now enable notifications for new decisive red alert in the SAP EarlyWatch Alert reports related to the filter Settings save in the view.

You are done. You will be informed automatically by the channel you have chosen whenever a new critical alert is processed (relevant for the selected filter view).

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