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Synthetic User Monitoring - Content

Synthetic User Monitoring (SUM) in SAP Cloud ALM relies on Selenium IDE scripts for its scenarios. This gives it the capability to support most of the web applications with some limitations, which are described in the following section.


  • Synthetic User Monitoring can only monitor web applications.
  • Synthetic User Monitoring cannot monitor an application that cannot be operated via a Selenium IDE script.
  • Selenium IDE does not provide any authentication management.
    Therefore, the only supported authentication methods is the "direct authentication" (via a user/password). I.e. by adding in the Selenium IDE script the actions of entering the logon user and its password into a login page.
  • Selenium IDE cannot script web applications relying on Shadow DOM structures. However, in some cases, workarounds to create Selenium IDE scripts exist.
  • The Selenium IDE script must only use commands supported by Synthetic User Monitoring
    see Which Selenium commands does Synthetic User Monitoring in SAP Cloud ALM for operations support?
  • The monitored web application must be accessible from the runner endpoint.