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Synthetic User Monitoring

Synthetic User Monitoring (SUM) monitors the performance and availability of web applications from a client-side perspective.
For that, it relies on Scenarios regularly executed by a Runner.

Synthetic User Monitoring provides the following benefits

  • Proactive detection: With Synthetic User Monitoring, you have a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week monitoring. This enables you to detect performance and availability issues early, potentially before the end-users face them.
  • Factual metrics: With Synthetic User Monitoring, the monitoring relies on the same scenarios being re-executed. This allows you to monitor the evolution of the performance and availability based on comparable metrics.


  • Monitoring of web applications via custom Selenium IDE scripts.
  • Scenario commands are executed from Selenium remote web driver infrastructure
  • Configurable scenario executions intervals
  • Metrics captured at the scenario step level
  • Evaluation of the performance based on configurable thresholds
  • Configurable events in case of availability issue

Setup & Configuration

Find more information on how to set up Synthetic User Monitoring on the Synthetic User Monitoring - Setup & Configuration page.