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Setup for SAP HANA Cloud

This page explains how to connect SAP HANA Cloud databases to SAP Cloud ALM to enable monitoring.

Currently, the following monitoring applications are supported for SAP HANA Cloud database:


  • You need to have access to SAP BTP Cockpit.
  • Your user in BTP Cockpit needs to be a member with the space role "Space Developer" for the space in which you want to create the SAP HANA Cloud database instance was created.

Setup Steps in SAP HANA Cloud

Create Service Key

To enable OAuth authentication between SAP Cloud ALM and SAP HANA Cloud, you must create a service key for the SAP HANA Cloud instance. 

If there is already an existing service key, you can use this service key for the connection with SAP Cloud ALM.

  1. Go to SAP BTP Cockpit → Access the sub-account used for SAP HANA Cloud
  2. Go to "Instances and Subscriptions"
  3. Find the instance with Service "SAP HANA Cloud" and plan "hana" for the database instance that you want to connect.
  4. Select the row of the instance
  5. Go to tab "Service Keys"
  6. Click "Create"
  7. Enter a name for the service key
  8. Click "Create"

Create HTTP Endpoint

Before starting the setup, ensure that your SAP HANA Cloud database was successfully imported from the System landscape Information Service (SLIS).

  1. Open the Landscape Management application from the launchpad
  2. Select your SAP HANA Cloud service
  3. On the tab "Endpoints", press the "Add" button to create a new endpoint
  4. Enter a description
  5. Choose the use-cases you want to use
    1. For Health Monitoring, select: "Health Monitoring"
  6. Overwrite the value in the field "Root URL" with the following value:
    1. Find the parameter "host" in the service key
    2. Replace the part <hostname>.hana with api.gateway.orchestration
    3. Example: "host" = "" will become the Root URL ""
  7. Choose OAuth2ClientCredentials: Enter the following values from the SAP HANA Cloud service key. You can also copy the entire service key to the clipboard and use the button "Paste Service Key".
    1. Client ID: clientid
    2. Client Secret: clientsecret
    3. Token Service URL: tokenurl extended by /oauth/token
  8. Save your endpoint

Next Steps

After creating the endpoint in SAP Cloud ALM, you have to perform the following steps to activate the monitoring use-cases:

  • Health Monitoring: Include SAP HANA Cloud in the scope of the application


This error occurs if the External ID is not maintained for the service in Landscape Management.

  1. Open the HANA Cloud DB in SAP HANA Cloud Central
  2. Click on the three dots in the "Actions" column for the HANA Cloud instance that you want to connect
  3. Click "Copy Instance ID"
  4. Switch to SAP Cloud ALM "Landscape Management"
  5. Select the HANA DB and click the "Edit a Service" button
  6. Enter the "Instance ID" in the field "External ID"
  7. Save you changes.