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Real User Monitoring Troubleshooting

This page contains some hints for troubleshooting when for example some pages or views are empty.

As starting point you should classify the problem: 

  • Is it a general problem in the application that seems to affect all or several different parts of the application?
  • Or is it rather missing data on some particular views?

Missing Data

Is the configuration for managed system executed?

Is the communication arrangement for scenario SAP_COM_0527 created and :

  • Property Collect Performance Data is set
  • Job is scheduled on minute base
  • You have not entered a path under the scheduler i.e. the Service URL is like
  • Try to save the communication arrangement again

Setup with /SDF/ALM_SETUP

  • Has the setup been executed with transaction /SDF/ALM_SETUP?
    • When selecting the Destination and hitting enter the LMS ID should be displayed on the screen and in step 3 a green tick must be displayed.
    • Is the use case Performance Monitoring activated?

Scheduled Jobs

Are the scheduled jobs running?

  • Check SM37 for jobs with program name /SDF/CALM_SCHEDULER and User Name = *
  • Is it the right client?
  • In case data sis sent to multiple destinations the job name contains the destination name.
  • Is Job period correct? (<5 min).

Application Log

Problems during setup, data collection or push are logged in application log.

  • Check SLG1 for object /SDF/CALM

Time zone settings

Wrong time zone settings might be the reason for missing data.

Execute report RSDBTIME or TZCUSTHELP. If they report an issue like
ERROR: ABAP system timezone setting inconsistent!
ABAP system timezone (DB table TTZCU) is: CET
This is inconsistent with date and time of ABAP-Processor and database!

System time zone or UTC timer is incorrect.

Correct the time zone settings for that system(client).