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Notification Management

As part of different processes it is necessary to send notifications to SAP Cloud ALM users and other interested parties. These notifications are processed in the Notification Management service in SAP Cloud ALM and must be send following good practice and meeting data protection and privacy requirements.

To ensure compliant processing the Notification Management provides the following functionality:

  • Double opt-in procedure to ensure only confirmed recipients receive notifications from SAP Cloud ALM
  • Provide an opt-out option to every notification send from SAP Cloud ALM
  • Handling of bounced emails
  • Ensure compliance with European Union's General Data Protection Regulation

Maintain Recipients

All newly created SAP Cloud ALM users are automatically added to the list of available recipients and will receive an email notification to verify that they want to receive notifications.

To maintain additional recipients an SAP Cloud ALM notification administrator can use the “Notification Management” application to add them manually.

  1. Log on to your SAP Cloud ALM tenant
  2. Navigate to 'SAP Cloud ALM for Operations'  → 'Notification Management'
  3. Click the '+' button to add a new user
  4. Enter the recipients separate by comma
  5. Once a recipient is added they will receive an email which allows them to verify their email address
  6. Only verified recipients can receive emails from SAP Cloud ALM

If a recipient doesn't respond to the invitation email in due time, you can resend the invitation email.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can we use our organization's SMTP server for sending emails?
    • No, emails are sent using SAP's SMTP server.
  • Can we send emails to recipients not maintained in Notification Management?
    • No, according to GDPR regulations this would be a privacy violation.
  • How long are recipients valid?
    • The opt-in approval to receive e-mails from SAP Cloud ALM is valid for 6 months. 10 days before the expiration date a renewal request is sent to the recipient to extent the validity for another 6 months.