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Health Monitoring for SAP BTP Cloud Foundry

Available Monitoring Content

Health Monitoring can consume events which are sent by the SAP Alert Notification Service of SAP BTP Cloud Platform. Each event can be displayed as an alert in the Alert Inbox of Health Monitoring.

The following events are supported:

Application EventApplication CrashAn application crash event is triggered when an application has crashed.
Application EventApplication Process CrashAn application process crash event is triggered when an internal process of the application has crashed.
SAP HANA Cloud Service EventHDB Restarted ServiceA HANA service was restarted


For the configuration of alerts "SAP BTP: Application Crash" and "SAP BTP: Application Process Crash", a dedicated user for the SAP Alert Notification Service needs to be added in BTP, depending on the data center used. Please configure such a user according to this document.

Setup Steps in SAP Cloud ALM

Receive alerts from the SAP Alert Notification Service

  1. Open the Health Monitoring application from the launchpad
  2. Click the scope icon in the upper right corner to access the Scope Selection
  3. Click the button “Toggle Filter Bar” to show more filters. Set the “Service Status” to “All” to also show unconfigured services. Click “Go” to execute the scope query, select the desired cloud service and apply the scope
  4. Click the rack-wheel icon in the upper right corner to access the configuration
  5. Click the pencil icon to show the Configuration for Cloud Services
  6. In order to activate alerting for the events “SAP BTP: Application Crash”, “SAP BTP: Application Process Crash” and “SAP BTP: HANA Service Restarted”, enter tab “Alert Notification Service” and control the alert activation by means of the switches