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Health Monitoring for SAP BTP Cloud Foundry

Available Monitoring Content

Health Monitoring can monitor custom Java applications which are running on the SAP BTP Cloud Foundry environment. This requires that the custom applications are instrumented with the SAP Cloud ALM OpenTelemetry extension library (see section Prerequisites).

The following metrics are supported:

SystemSystem CPU Usage

The recent cpu usage of the application instance

SystemSystem CPU Load AverageThe average cpu load of the application instance during the last 1 minute
SystemDisk UtilizationThe disk usage of the application instance
SystemHTTP Response TimeDuration of HTTP server request handling
SystemDatabase Connections

The current number of active database connections

Java ApplicationsJava Live Threads

The current number of live threads including both daemon and non-daemon threads

Java Applications

Java Memory: Old Generation

Currently used Java memory for Old Generation
Java ApplicationsJava Memory: Eden SpaceCurrently used Java memory for Eden Space
Java ApplicationsJava Memory: Survivor SpaceCurrently used Java memory for Survivor Space
Java ApplicationsHikari Pool: Active ConnectionsNumber of active connections in the Hikari pool
Java ApplicationsHikari Pool: Queued ConnectionsNumber of queued connections in the Hikari pool

Health Monitoring can consume events which are sent by the SAP Alert Notification Service of SAP BTP Cloud Platform. Each event can be displayed as an alert in the Alert Inbox of Health Monitoring.

The following events are supported:

Application EventApplication CrashAn application crash event is triggered when an application has crashed.
Application EventApplication Process CrashAn application process crash event is triggered when an internal process of the application has crashed.
SAP HANA Cloud Service EventHDB Restarted ServiceA HANA service was restarted


For the collection of metrics for your custom applications running on SAP BTP Cloud Foundry, it is necessary to instrument your applications with the OpenTelemetry libraries, as described in SAP Cloud ALM - Expert Portal - Next Generation – Data Collection Infrastructure.

For the collection of ANS events, a dedicated user for the SAP Alert Notification Service needs to be added in BTP, depending on the data center used. Please configure such a user according to this document.

Setup Steps in SAP Cloud ALM

Add the Cloud Foundry subaccount to the scope selection

  1. Click the scope icon in the upper right corner to access the Scope Selection
  2. Click the button Toggle Filter Bar to show more filters. Set the Service Status to All to show also unconfigured services. Click “Go” to execute the scope query
  3. Select your SAP BTP Cloud Foundry subaccount from the scope selector, and apply the selection

Activate Monitoring

Once the prerequisites have been satisfied, the data collection needs to be enabled in the configuration.

  1. Open the configuration pane by clicking on the Configuration icon in the title bar
  2. Turn on the switch next to your subaccount

Receive alerts from the SAP Alert Notification Service

  1. Open the configuration pane by clicking on the Configuration icon in the title bar
  2. Click the pencil icon to show the Configuration for Cloud Services
  3. Select your SAP BTP Cloud Foundry subaccount
  4. Enter the tab “Alert Notification Service”
  5. Activate the switch next the desired event