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Configuration & Security Analysis – Setup & Configuration


Before you can monitor with Configuration & Security Analysis in SAP Cloud ALM for operations, you have to connect your system and fulfill certain prerequisites here.

  • ST-A/PI
    If possible, please use the latest version and keep it up to date.
    It is recommended to update ST-A/PI always together with the regular product stack support packages to benefit from latest functionality and patches. Please note that these software components may not be part of the regular support package stack but have to be downloaded separately. For ST-A/PI refer to SAP Note 69455 Servicetools for Applications ST-A/PI (ST14, RTCCTOOL, ST12).
  • Minimum Kernel Release
    In addition, we observed that there is a bug in the kernel preventing to sent correct data packages.
    Because of this, the kernel patch level of SAP Note 2878815 'Incorrect Linebreaks in JSON for Binary Data' is mandatory.

The connection to the system can be set up the Landscape Management Service. Please follow the Setting Up Landscape Management guide in SAP Help on how to perform the setup.


To setup Configuration & Security Analysis follow the monitoring setup guides provided for each of the supported products and make sure that the task 'Configuration Monitoring' is flagged ‘Active' using transaction /n/SDF/ALM_SETUP in step ‘Activate use cases'.


The housekeeping for Configuration & Security Analysis in SAP Cloud ALM for operations mainly effects the Configuration & Change Database (CCDB) of the application. The CCDB housekeeping allows to define a retention period in days. A setting for aggregated data is not required because CCDB does not aggregate data.

Instead, it only stores the initial values of configuration items plus their changes. Because only a minor set of items changes over the time there is no huge data growth expected after the initial load. By default, a retention period of 30 days is predefined. To benefit of the Change Analysis capability, it is recommended to use a much higher retention period like 12 months.

The housekeeping can be switched off completely of by setting the retention period to 0 (not recommended).

Be aware that SAP provides you a fair usage concept with 8GB HANA memory in total. If you extend the given memory you might need to subscribe additional memory blocks with our BTP service SAP Cloud ALM memory extension.

Customer Support

In case you encounter problems using or setting up Configuration & Security Analysis in SAP Cloud ALM, please report an incident using the following components:

  • SV-CLM-OP-CSA  - Configuration & Security Analysis

Please select your SAP Cloud ALM tenant when reporting the incident.