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Configuration & Security Analysis - Content

Configuration & Security Analysis (CSA) collects a comprehensive set of technical configuration data from SAP Business Suite and SAP S/4HANA on ABAP managed systems. Data is stored in containers, the so-called Config Stores. Each Config Store stores data of the same semantics. 

This document provides a list of Config Stores that are available for:

  • SAP Business Suite
  • SAP NetWeaver Application Server for ABAP (7.40 and higher)
  • SAP S/4HANA, private cloud edition

Config Stores

ABAP Clients (T000)
ABAP Code Vulnerability Analyzer status
ABAP Database interface
ABAP Generic Whitelists Information
ABAP HTTP URL Location Exception Table (HTTPURLLOC)
ABAP Instances
ABAP Notes
ABAP Scenario-Based Checks Information
ABAP Secure Storage Encryption Key status
ABAP Start Authorization check (USOBAUTHINACTIVE)
ABAP UCON RFC Basic Scenario
ABAP UCON http white list Scenario
Audit log
Clients - Change log
Component change settings
Component change settings - Change log
Crypto library version
Customizing settings for authorization process
Global change setting
Global change setting - Change log
HTTP Whitelist
HTTP Whitelist (UCON Client dependent)
HTTP Whitelist (UCON)
Http services (SICF)
Installed software packages
Instance parameter
Locked transactions
Logged Tables
Maintenance areas for tables
Namespace change settings
Namespace change settings - Change log

Path for backup and authorization

Permitted trusted systems
RFC destinations type '3'
RFC destinations type 'G'
RFC destinations type 'H'
RFC destinations type 'L'
RFC destinations type 'T'
SAP Kernel
SAPUI5 library
SAPUI5 version
SMLT Languages
SNC Access Control List (ACL)
SOAManager Consumer Proxy Logical Ports
SOAManager Service Definitions
SSO2 - Access control list
Security policy
Set Values for the Session Manager / Profile Generator
Software component level
Standard users
Transport Tool
Usage of password hashing
User with SAP_ALL profile
Virus scan groups
Virus scan server