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Traceability and Audit Trail

SAP Cloud ALM for Implementation ensures traceability throughout your process from build to deploy. All relations between different business transactions are visualized in the analytics traceability dashboards to help you staying on top of your changes. Furthermore, all actions you are performing during the change process are documented within the history of your business transaction to ensure the audit trail. 

In the traceability dashboards you can easily figure out the different relations of business transactions and their respective status. This eases your daily operations since you can easily stay on top of your change enablement efforts. 

The Feature Traceability provides you insights on the feature readiness thus serving as decision basis for delivering features accordingly.

Following information is available in the Feature Traceability:

  • Feature title
  • Feature status
  • Assigned release
  • Related requirement with status
  • Related user stories and project tasks with status

All changes to your business transactions from creation in SAP Cloud ALM, over to documenting your changes, recording the change objects and performing the different workflow steps, are documented in the history. This helps you to keep the overview of different changes made throughout the lifetime of your project and ensures the audit trail.

The Feature History is shown below.