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Timeboxing is a time management technique that helps you in setting fixed amount of time for a particular task.

SAP Cloud ALM provides 3 different types of timeboxes:

  • Phases
  • Sprints
  • Milestones

SAP Cloud ALM comes with the pre-delivered phases provided by SAP Activate methodology. They are:

  • Prepare
  • Explore
  • Realize
  • Deploy
  • Run

Each of these phases has a start date and an end date. 

Project leads can add custom phases to the pre-delivered phases by selecting Edit and plus icon to add custom phase. You can remove custom phases by selecting cross icon. 

The system orders custom phases according to their start dates. The order of pre-delivered phases remains unchanged regardless of their start dates.

Project leads can deactivate phases by using the switches next to the listed phases. Phases that have been deactivated can't be used for task assignment any longer. Items that have been assigned to a deactivated phase will still be displayed in the task list. They will not be displayed in the Overview app and in the Analytics app any longer.


The Prepare phase can't be deactivated.

In case you selected a template containing just two phases, the other phases are deactivated by the system. The deactivated phases can be reactivated anytime.


You can create Sprint schedule for the Project

You can add or delete sprints easily. After creating a sprint plan, you can use this to assign due dates for tasks and user stories. The sprint automatically shows in the Past section after the due date for the sprint has passed.

You can add milestones to your project. You can change and delete milestones. The system will automatically sort them by date.

When you delete a milestone, the system will attempt to match the milestone with the corresponding phase. In that case, the system will set the due date of the assigned tasks to the matching phase.

The predefined milestones Kickoff, Planned Go-Live, and Actual Go-Live can't be deleted. Navigate to the Tasks app to assign tasks to milestones.