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Test Management Reporting

A quick summary of the test preparation status is available on overview page. In 'Test Preparation' card you can observe how many test cases have been prepared so far and how many are still in preparation for the selected project.

Once the test steps are defined and test case is prepared, the test case is ready for execution. The overall status of all test cases is available in Test Execution card on overview page. 


You can filter the results for automated or manual test types in the drop down.


Failed test cases need special attention since with a detailed status that indicates reason of failure, weather there was an application error or a test case issue or if a retest is required. This is captured in the 'Failed Manual Test Runs' card.


You can click on the segments of bar charts to view the detailed list of manual test cases. 

During testing 'Defects' are reported by testers to communicate an issue to your development team. The priority is set and the status is manually maintained by the resolvers.

Quick overview of your defects status can be viewd on overview page in 'Defects' card. 


It is possible to drill down to a certain priority level and status values through the drop downs.

Test Execution Analysis is a detailed analytics page which can be accessed through analytics overview.