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Task Management

This page offers an overview of all Task management capabilities in SAP Cloud ALM. The section “Best Practices” gives guidance on how these functionalities should be used as part of a project and lists important blogs and videos on this topic.


Task management allows you to distribute work to various team members while also tracking progress toward completion. Task management ensures that SAP guidance and project work that users have created, such as tasks from Requirements, are displayed in a common place, allowing for better planning.


For basic “How-To” instructions on how to use the tool, you should refer to the in-app help within SAP Cloud ALM or visit the ->Help Portal

Functions & Features


Tasks In the Tasks app, you can manage the Tasks for your Projects
Functions FeaturesFeature Description
Task TypesRoadmap TasksYou can choose Roadmap Tasks provided by SAP Activate methodology here
Task TypesProject TasksTasks that users create as required in the Project
Task TypesUser storiesUser-stories can be ceated here
Task TypesSub-TasksYou can breakdown the User Story into a Sub Task here
Task SourcesSAP ActivateExplains how tasks are generated when the SAP Activate template is used
Task SourcesManually createdYou can create a manual Task here
Task SourcesScoping

Explains how the creation of Scope results in the generation of tasks.

For Example: When you create Scopes, a set of tasks are generated per newly created Scope

Task SourcesSAP Central Business Configuration

You can understand the order in which the tasks need to be executed and seamlessly navigate to SAP Central Business Configuration when needed

You can find the Project activities from linked SAP Central Business Project in SAP Cloud ALM

Task ExperienceTask ListYou can quickly see all Tasks assigned to a user here
Task ExperienceTask DetailsYou can see the description in Task details
Task ExperienceTasks in Gantt viewYou can experience hierarchy based view in Gantt-ChartTasks in Overview
Task ExperienceTasks in OverviewIn Overview page, you can see Tasks and Sub -Tasks by Priority
Task TrackingSet Task StatusYou can track with the task status such as Open, In Progress, Blocked, Done and Not Relevant here
Task AssignmentsAssign to PersonsYou can assign tasks to persons
Task AssignmentsAssign to RolesYou can assign tasks to Roles
Task AssignmentsAssign to TeamsYou can assign tasks to Teams
Task DecompositionCreate sub-tasksYou can break down tasks into sub-tasks
Task CategorisationAssign WorkstreamsYou can also use the Workstreams provided by SAP Activate methodology
Task CategorisationAssign TagsYou can create your own custom tags or use the ones created by SAP
Task CategorisationAssign PriorityYou can assign priority of the tasks such as Very High, High, Medium and Low
Task CommentsCreate CommentYou can collaborate on Tasks by entering comments to an item
Task CommentsEdit commentYou can edit your own entered comments
Task CommentsDelete CommentsYou can delete your own entered comments

Best Practices


Links to VideosRelease Date
Deep Dive in Task Management using SAP Cloud ALM (18:38 mins)Released on March 3, 2023
WATCH the REPLAY from ALM Summit APJ 2022 on Project, Task & Requirements (44:23)Released on July 26-29, 2022

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