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Tag Management

SAP Cloud ALM for Implementation provides SAP pre-delivered tags and also allows to create custom tags.

SAP Pre-delivered Tags:

They are loaded in SAP Cloud ALM tenant via SAP Activate roadmap (in case tags are used in your selected roadmap).

They are automatically assigned to template tasks.

These tags can be reused but they cannot be renamed, unassigned or deleted. SAP pre-delivered tags can be used for filtering and grouping the task list. 

Custom Tags:

SAP Cloud  ALM users can currently create their own tags for project tasks, user stories, requirements and sub-tasks.

You can unassign the tag from an object by pressing the “x” next to the tag in edit mode. The tag is removed as soon as the last assignment of this tag is removed. Custom tags can be used for filtering and grouping the task list.


Custom tags are currently available for Task, User Story, Sub-Task and Requirement. You can create a custom tag by entering and saving it it in the tag field in edit mode. You can use these tags to filter Task and Requirement list.

In the “Additional Information” section you can find a new field called tags. Enter the tag you would like to assign to the object. As you type the value, help will display existing tags with these letters. Press enter to create the tag and save the changes. The tag will be assigned to the object.

You can press the x icon to remove the tag.


You can filter and sort the task list for a tag.

In the task list, there are 2 columns available:

  • Tag count for the amount of tags
  • Tags displays the titles of the tags


In the task list you will also find a filter for Tags. As soon as you created the tag you will find it also in the task list as filter option. Select the tag to see all task objects which have the tag assigned.