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Requirements Tracking and Traceability

SAP Cloud ALM for Implementation offers an end-to-end traceability tool that you can track and trace Requirements and related entities for your Project. With this tool, you can drill down from the highest level to the lowest level of the entities.

In Analytics app, you can find Requirement Traceability tile.

Here, you can have a list view of the status of Requirements for a specific project, together with the status of the related entities for each Requirement. The status of each entity is clearly and intuitively visualized with distinct colors, in order that you can have a brief but comprehensive understanding about how the processes for each Requirement are going on and where the bottlenecks are. Since the status of each entity is maintained manually, this traceability tool supports users to check the overall state of the entities and manage the status efficiently.

Diverse filters such as Scope, Requirement Status and Feature Status can be adapted to the list, so that you can see only what you need. In addition, by clicking the status bar, you can see the details of each entity and move to the specific page such as Feature Overview and Task Overview.


If you want to know more about functions of this tool, please check out this blog post.

Requirements per Workstream card shows top 5 workstreams which have most requirements. 

Requirements card displays the number of requirements by Status and by Priority.