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Project Management

This page offers an overview of all Project management capabilities in SAP Cloud ALM. The section “Best Practices” gives guidance on how these functionalities should be used as part of a project and lists important blogs and videos on this topic.

For basic “How-To” instructions on how to use the tool, you should refer to the in-app help within SAP Cloud ALM or visit the -> Help Portal (link)


Features & Functions

Project and Set Up

 Project and Set Up Tile  In the Project and Set Up app, you can create Projects, define milestones for the phases of your implementation projects and assign team members to Project roles
FunctionsFeaturesFeatures Description
Create ProjectCreate ProjectYou can create a project from the Project Tile in Fiori Launchpad's Overview Page
Create ProjectCreate MultipleYou can easily create another project either from the Overview Page or the Projects Tile on the Fiori launchpad, but you can only view them one at a time
Create ProjectActivate ProjectIf you plan to use a hidden project later, you can unhide it
Create ProjectArchive ProjectYou can hide a project. A hidden project can still be accessed and edited if you have saved a bookmark. A hidden project can also be reactivated
Create ProjectProject History

You can see the changes made to the project attributes and the team assignments by looking at the project history. 

You can also sort and filter the history

General InformationProject NameYou can give your project a name as you create it, and you will be able to change it later
General InformationSAP Activate Task TemplateYou can select from a limited set of templates provided by SAP Activate Methodology
General InformationAccess LevelYou can set the access level to public, restricted, or private to control who can view and edit information in a project or deal with confidential projects
General InformationStatus and PlanningYou can set the project status manually to On Track, Needs Attention, or Critical
General InformationCurrent PhaseYou can check the current phases of your project: Prepare, Explore, Realize, Deploy, and Run
General InformationProject LeadYou can also assign multiple project leads to the same project
SAP Activate MethodologySupport Activate Methodology

SAP Cloud ALM has been designed to help you transition to an agile way of working.

For example, you can decide to adopt this agile way of thinking irrespective of where you are in your project. You can create and close sprints in a running project without any risk

TimeboxesPhases You can create and add custom phases to the project. They get sorted automatically based on dates. Custom phases can be deleted.
You can also deactivate all phases except the Prepare phase. You can reverse this decision
TimeboxesSprintsYou can create, edit, and close the Sprint schedule for the project
TimeboxesMilestonesYou can create, delete, and add custom Milestones in a project and use them to assign due dates to Tasks
TeamsCreate Multiple TeamsYou can create multiple teams for the same project
TeamsUnderstanding the PMO TeamPMO Team is the default when you create a new project and it is the only team that has a Project Lead role, and it cannot be deactivated
TeamsTeam AssignmentYou can assign people to the project roles
RolesProject Lead RoleOnly the PMO Team has the role of Project Lead
RolesCustom RoleYou can add custom roles to projects by assigning people to them and using them as other project roles in the system
RolesDeactivate RolesYou can deactivate the created project roles if you do not need them
RolesBy UsersYou can assign users to the project roles
ScopesManage ScopesYou can use the Manage Scope app to create and manage scopes. By selecting the Scopes tab, you will see a list of scopes that are in your project
ScopesCreate ScopesYou create a Scope from scratch and then first assign Solution Scenarios such as SAP S4HC with a particular content version and then pick processes from those Solution Scenarios
ScopesEdit ScopesThe scopes you created can also be edited
Project CategorisationAssign WorkstreamsWith Excel uploads, custom workstreams can be made. Workstreams are provided by Activate Methodology and are available for use in SAP Cloud ALM implementation
Project CategorisationCreate Custom TagsYou can create Custom Tags using Excel Upload
Project CategorisationGantt Chart ViewYou can see different items such as Requirements, User stories, Tasks in list view or a Gantt chart view
Deployment LandscapeDeployment PlanYou can assign a Deployment Plan to the Project which ensures the Project sees the system Landscape
Deployment LandscapeSystem GroupYou can select required System Groups and assign it under Deployment plan 
External Integration with
SAP Central Business Configuration
Integration ScenarioOnce the setup is complete, you can select an Integration scenario during Project Setup and link.

Best Practices

How-To Videos

Links to VideosRelease Date
Deep Dive in Project Management in SAP Cloud ALM (30:31 mins)                      March 02, 2023
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How to Set Access Restrictions in a Project in SAP Cloud ALM (6:04 mins)December 16,2022
Run Your Projects Successfully with SAP Cloud ALM for Implementation (44:21 mins)March 03, 2023
WATCH the REPLAY from ALM Summit APJ 2022 on Project, Task & Requirements (44:23)July 26 - 29, 2022

Blog Posts

Links to Blog PostsAuthor Information
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