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Project Access Restrictions

This page will help you understand how to use the Project Access Restriction in SAP Cloud ALM.
Note: Please ensure that you understand the difference between Project roles vs Authorization roles in SAP Cloud ALM  before proceeding further.

Each user's capabilities within the system are determined by their authorization roles. Some of the example are 

  • User administrator
  • Project administrator 
  • Project lead 
  • Project member 
  • Project viewer

These are configured by the System Administrator in User Management.

  • SAP Cloud ALM comes with a pre-loaded list of Project roles provided by SAP Activate methodology. As an example Business Process Expert, Analytics expert etc . You can also extend the list of Project roles by adding a custom role.

Access level in a Project is a newly introduced option that is offered during Project creation with three values such as Public, Restricted and Private. Project Access Restriction is a feature in SAP Cloud ALM, that enables the project leads to manage the access level for the project members.

  • Access Restriction: Public  

This access level defines if a project is publicly accessible by all users for Edit or Display with project management based on a combination of Project roles and Authorization role as explained further authorizations 

This enables the Project to be easily accessed even by non-Project members for display or edit based on their authorization role. 

  • Access Restriction: Restricted 

This access level defines if a project is restricted and only project members can do make changes within the project (display for non-project-members allowed).  

  • Access Restriction: Private 

This access level defines if a project is private and can only be accessed by project members (Edit or Display for non-project-members NOT allowed). Even search results for non Project members will not show Private projects. 

  • Existing projects will be set to access level Public. Please ensure the correct Access Level of your Project or change the access level as per your needs 
  • Newly created Projects get the access level Restricted by default. This can be easily changed anytime. 

To understand the above matrix better with some use cases

Use Case: 1Use Case: 2Use Case: 3
Person Name: AnnaPerson Name: HarryPerson Name: Betty
Project Assigned: Yes Project Assigned: NoProject Assigned: Yes
Project Access Level: PublicProject Access Level: PrivateProject Access Level: Restricted
Project Role: Assigned as a LeadProject Role: Not Assigned Project Role: Assigned to a Project (Not as a Project Lead)
Authorization Role: Project ViewerAuthorization Role: Project AdministratorAuthorization Role: Project Lead
Result: Anna can only Display the ProjectResult: Harry can still have Full access to the ProjectResult: Betty can Edit the Project tasks as a Project member but will not be able to change Timeboxes or Team setup as even when she has the authorization role as Project Lead , her Project role is only a Project member  

Important : Please ensure you do not accidentally lose access to Project when you change the Access Level  from Public to Restricted or Private . Ensure you are assigned as a Project Lead explicitly in that specific project before making such a change 

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