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Process Tracking and Traceability

Solution Process per Scope Card

This card on overview page gives a high level overview of number of solution processes that have been scoped and total number of requirements for a scope. You can click on numbers to access the detailed list in process app. 


Solution Process Status Card

The card gives you an overview of the current status of scoped solution processes. You can click on the colored segments of chart to review all the processes of certain status. 

You can find the detailed analytical page for Solution Process Traceability' in the analytics overview. 


With the 'Solution Process Traceability' detailed analytical page you can analyze the readiness of your scoped solution processes based on the progress of related requirements and Test execution. You can find answers to your questions about the readiness of related entities. 


All the page filters are applied to the leading entity which in this case is Solution Process.

There are extended filters for related objects like requirements, user story, project task, test preparation and test execution.



With help of these extended filters you can find out anomalies for example: Which solution processes have no requirements assigned. 

Select 'Not Assigned' in the requirement filter to get the list.


With help of extended filters, you can also find answers to your questions like: Which solution processes are ready by means of successful testing and have all the requirements confirmed. 

You can select in the requirements filtered 'All Requirements with status - Confirmed' and in the Test execution 'All Tests with same status - Passed' 


You can click on the download icon to download the matrix in a spreadsheet.


You can also group processes by scope or status. 


You can arrange the order of solution process by ascending or descending order of number of requirements, user stories etc. 


You can also save your preferences in your personalized views.